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      And as the two individuals of immortality finally parted ways- perhaps even after hundreds of years of fighting for something, that neither one could really explain anymore, she stopped, taking a moment to watch his broad frame almost fade out and away into the distance. And as the last little bit of inked colour from the last little peek of his flesh existed visible, Elizabeth could proudly say, that for once, this time, this final and one last time, she would be okay. After all, a man was a man, and her husband was her husband. This meaning, one would have certainly been too lazy to pack all of his belongings himself. And she didn’t want him looming around any longer; causing only more anguish and grief.
His laziness would fair him well this time surely, she heaved to herself, swallowing back the lump of disorientation that crept its way from her stomach to the middle of her throat.
    Her children were further than grown up and on their own. In fact, she hadn’t the slightest idea as to who or what they were anymore. She had lived a long and tired life, and had it not been for her split-second narcolepsy when ridding the rest of Christian’s things, it would have continued for however many light-years to come. Perhaps until the planet was old and greying itself. But luckily for her, it would not. For she held the key to a forever sleep, strapped to her thigh with a silver bullet waiting inside of its barrel.
With a slow but swift arm, she drew. Round spout to temple as she cocked with a fine fingered nail, shaking momentarily, but no longer than what needed be once the  montage of life before her eyes quickly flickered on through.
"Shot’s no good." He gloated back in the Dog Days of combat.
"Can yeh get it, Lieutenant? ‘Avin’ a bit a’ trouble are we? Target’s not that far."
No, it certainly wasn’t, and she certainly would not miss this time as she felt a pressuring rush to the entire side of her head. Flooding platinum blonde, to crimson red, her five foot eleven frame hit dust and gravel. But it did not stay to decompose, but  disintegrate and spread as a light prolonged milky way of ashes
Just a little drabble I played with the other night. I don't know if I'll kill Elizabeth off completely. After all, she has come back from worse things :P

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November 25, 2013
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