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Like hot water, pouring down and over the width of my shoulders it hit me. But I could have sworn you had told me, 'forty-five minutes...Mmh'maybe an hour." Followed by that new smile in which I wanted to trust with all of what I had left.

I saw him leave the living room, much like a game character, and shortly disappear around the wall's corner. Nikolas grinned at me, with that devious, and yet all in the same pause, playful expression, and all I could do was nod-or correction, that was only what my mind intended for me to do, instead however, I found my cheeks bursting with the sting of a fierce smile, followed by an out burst of sudden giggling, that of which I could not control.

Was all I could really muster, refusing to stop covering my mouth with a now heavy and hot feeling palm. The more Nikolas laughed and kept staring at me with those big annoying eyes of his, the more happier and hysteric I became.
     "And now..." He exhaled, refusing to break such an intense eye contact.
"We dance!"
Subconsciously, I would have had no such thing,or participation in this...dancing. But as soon as the trebled speakers poured Quantum, I was up. So very high up. My body felt as though it flowed effortlessly. Spinning on one heal for what felt like minutes, minutes inside of something so small and intricate as a mili-second or so. Then came the direct fever.

From the wall's corner mouth, he had returned, I knew this after making the realization in which came to me as a very fuzzy and warm shock, followed by a pair of wrapping arms about my waist from behind. My eyes closed, a flooded and split second ecstasy took hold, and for a moment, I understood what all of the fuss was about.

"Oh, you let go," "I what?I what?" He pulled tighter, firming into me, being playful. Nikolas scoffed at me with his enlarging eyes, from the corner where he sat,searching for something else of interest to listen to. I could only imagine the things he could blurt out to embarrass me.
This was a feeling like no other, a high unexperienced. An experience that I should have been introduced to long before. They called her 'Molli'. And she took care of us, embraced us until our problems were nothing more than the simplicity of wondering, anticipating as to what song your body would dance next to. She made me dance, and sing. For once I felt like she gave me love, or perhaps, just borrowed.
From a few months back. Haven't had net in agessss. But finally, I do. New place etc etc;...
the next few submissions are from a few months ago as well.
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September 10, 2013
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