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  • Drinking: sailor jerry let me start off by saying, I'm grateful to be alive today. Last night, my mother and boyfriend decided to get loaded on a massive bottle of wine. Mr. 'I think imma tank' passes out while as my mother does the same, forgets to blow out a candle, to which I learned at 130am in the morning, after being awoken by the smell of poison burning plastic, and a hot fiery feeling throughout the house. He asked me to get him a glass of water in his sleep because something smelled funny. Ignoring this at first, but then getting out of bed, because I guess I've become some sort of maid which I guess the habit is of my own stupidity and fault...I open the door and my mothers living room is completely in flames...I can hardly see anything, aside from my mother still asleep, maybe about a foot or two from this fucking fire happening while shes off in slumberland on the pullout! 

So I scream at her twice. Then she wakes up and begins freaking out. The short version of this fiasco would be that we all panicked and managed to put the fire out. My hair literally looks cool as fuck because of the smoke, soot and ash. (On a positive and comical note) Looks like a grey toner :P Hopefully if washes out though... =_= It better fucking wash out.

In other news, as some of you have seen, the photos from the little photoshoot I had with my good friend and old co-worker, Jacqueline Smith, have been posted. Thank you all for the many favourites and comments...they mean wonders...especially at a time like this. So ...Spasibo!! :)

I'd like to start drawing more...I'm beginning to feel a little tugged around my this tattooing artist is in Montreal working on a piece, so I won't hear anything else other than 'have patients' or 'soon baby girl'. I'm getting so antsy...I want to do this!!!
Siighh...anyway, that's a bit of an update, haven't been doing much else. Oh!..random, my friend and I sang our hearts out thursday night downtown..high as a kite I wont deny...but we killed 'Sleeping Sickness', 'She Will Be Loved' and 'Sympathy' I felt so over taken by emotion when I sang, on such a warm uplifting room mate, in which would sooner bash me before giving me any sort of compliment even sang with me. I've never heard him sing before...and though he was silent, he was kinda good haha..It was nice. I get why people can and would like to get lost in such false reality and happiness.

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  • Eating: bueno bar & cigarettes, yum.
Up since 530am.. u_u I hate being woken up by someone else's work schedule, and there I am, awake...for the rest of like, my tired life..bleghhh..I feel super sick, and between feeling like crap the past few mornings and breaking up cat fights (literally...meow, not bitches LOL), I'm gonna go insaneee x_x

On a more positive note tho, I'm moving out in four days with my friend. It's a house, so that's both different AND exciting. Apparently the rooms are small, mine of course being the smallest -_- but this point, I'll take it. I need to gain my source of independence back. I feel like I'm fifteen mentally...thrown back into a huge depression mind set of not being stable enough to sometimes trust myself...or being able to accomplish or do anything good myself..-yea...that's definitely gotta change..but I can't seem to think positive enough to make it even slightly happen. Wow...that note went from positive, to extremely negative lol..H'oh boy life.

Anyway...I'm SUPPOSED to have a photo-shoot today...but I can assume something is only going to fuck up with that too...We've been trying to schedule this for a month now..and still with no luck. N'awh well...I look like a mongoloid today anyway LMAOOO, so maybe its for the best..maybe I should do something productive today, like getting that internal...I've been neglecting copious amounts of appointments and blood tests...they think something is seriously wrong with my thyroid...yayy. But I just hate doctors saoo much D: And really don't give enough of a shit to go...MAN I hope this mood passes...

Okay, tryna stay posi here...But Im so angry I could piss glueeee D8<!!! Aaaaand on that note...I'm done LOL


She was too wasted to close the window as they sloppily took to the small, cornered bedroom, filled with the mess of a thousand, perhaps, neglected up and coming novels. Let them hear, she thought to herself as she felt the fluttering of her pressed into loins become more hot, within the intoxicated and corrupt mind that now lead her actions. Friends, family- let them hear, let them see. She was the infidel for now, until of course, when she would awake the next morning- the mirror, to yet again remind her of who she was, had been, and what she had now become.

writting something characters coming soon
Anja, Morrison, Trenton, Koji, Nikolas, Lilith
Needa write this bit of ramble writing crao down before I forget it. I'll finish it later. Hope you like this tease~
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The photo-shoot will be tomorrow morning. Bright and early, so lets hope I'm in better shape than yesterday morning. Hanging out with my love, Molly needs to stop. But oh how she puts me on cloud 9~
To rid the hangover, I decided to bite the bullet and get my right hand tattooed, so now its only a matter of time before I begin working at the shop. I'm hopeful that I can do this- I want it to be my life. It's the only thing aside from piercing I can see myself doing...So if you're in the Halifax area, I am trying to build a small clientele in terms of people to 'start out' on, once I've become gun savvy. Lee taught me how he sets up his station, and I couldn't help thinking, 'My god...once I get with it  I can't wait to do this...' Just everything about this intrigues me.

So the tattoo on my right hand is the Maneki Neko. There are a couple of reasons as to why I chose this particular symbol and placement.  It originates from Osaka Japan, or Tokyo people will still argue, as a Japanese talisman (symbol, lucky charm, etc; ). People say the figurine brings good luck to its owner, or in most cases, a great deal of customer flow, being as you usually see the Cat associated with most Chinese and Japanese shops and restaurants.
Asian culture, Japanese being the more spacific- has probably been one of the biggest influences and interests I have had since I was a little girl. Ever since I grew up on Astro Boy, Dragonball and Keropi, and of course Hello Kitty. There was just something about Japan and the Japanese that I desired to be a part of. I was totally, what you would call a fat japanophile fail- oh no doubt about it...but I was so happy with myself (sort of) and the way life was. So carefree and supa kawaiii(lol..) So I guess to sum it up, I got this tattoo as a symbol of what I used to and still love, to remind me of that slightly more confident little girl, also to the fact that I need all the luck I can probably get at this point in my life. I'm the permanent owner of a Maneki Neko now, so let's hope the legend rings truthful, eh? :P's early and probably 5pm/9pm (whatever it is idgaf) somewhere else in the world-and I've got this bottle of wine to finish, also working in a few hours...wooo -_-;


After my long hiatus...that may or may not continue, depending on my retarded emotions (lolz), I've decided to try and get my ass in gear. I'll hopefully be moving out into a gorgeous new apartment, that comes with a FREE gym membership soon! SUPER PUMPED!! Also, I've just recently gotten my hand tattooed. What a treat that was...but honestly, no, it wasnt that bad, I dont know why ll these people warn you about hand tattoos or knuckle tattoos, felt kind of arousing o_o...maybe thats just me though. The healing process, in which I am in day four or five of...not so fun. Itchy as fuhk, flaky as fuhk....throbby as...-you totally get it -_-;

I'm almost finished a project of mine I've been taking a very VERY slow five months to do...which I will hopefully have completed soon- my dread piece. Ever since I stupidly chopped my hair off a while back I havent really felt myself. And yes, many of you can and no doubt will argue, 'omg its JUST hayurrrr D:<' yeah, it WAS, my hair. My beautiful ,long ass barbie hair.- Anyway >_> So yea, can't wait until this is done...I'm so sick of this gross short hair..I just can't rock it..or feel comfortable/myself rocking it.

In other news, probably more important news, I will be undergoing an apprenticeship with my good friend Lee, who is a tattoo artist in my city. Him and another friend of mine own a very decent and cleanly shop and want me to work for them. This of course, will happen after my right hand gets tattooed and healed. They're just be no way to train on the gun and have my hands throbbing and the size of the Michelin man.

Photo-shoot on the 8th!! Yayyy...Haven't had one of those in a few months, so that'll be hopefully exciting. The photographer, I believe is a DA member, though I'm having trouble remembering her user right now, but I had worked with her a while back at that dreadful call centre (God it's weird, certain parts of my life dont even feel like they were real or had ever happened at all. ), so being comfortable shouldnt be an issue either ;) So look forward to that..for those of you who, y'know, give a shit :P

I'm really excited to possibly be having a normal life now, so much has changed. Some things, for the better, and some for the worse...but hey, I'm not dead yet, so that's the best I can do for now...sorry if this entry was completely hard to follow and super ADD...but I can't seem to hold one strong train of thought anymore hahaha~....Anyway, I hope you all are well, and I miss a lot of you, our little chats, or comment bantering<3 Hopfully I'll be more active *She said, even though she had no doubt already said this five-million other times in the past* xDD I'll tryyyyy.

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Not that I want to dwell on the separation of my ex partner, but lets just say she has a lot of issues, and a very very dishonest lifestyle, resorting in a very obvious end. It's been a very long and rough eight months...but I'm finally biting back man!

Anyway! On to the good shit! I've missed you fucking much...give me kisses..all of you!
There's a couple things new, in which you will see once I upload some pictures from my new little side bizz I partake in~ Which I would LOVE for any of you to support. It's called

Just a little something to let you know I'm not dead. Love yuuu, muaaah.

PEE ESSSS. hopefully I'll be around more :P
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Found this, I'm at work right now. Not much else to do but tumbl and D'ART~ So I figure I'll share this with you..because we all know they're just such a guilty pleasure.

1: If you had one song to describe your life right now, what would it be?
Primadonna Girl - Marina and the Diamonds (It goes a lot deeper than it sounds)

2: If you had two children, a boy and a girl, what would you name them?
I'm very caught between the name's Roxas and Maximillion for a boy, and for a girl...maybe something old like victoria or Elizabeth. I cant think kids right now e_e

3: If you could travel to another year in the past, what year would it be and why?
Honestly? The 90s. I just missed the tail end of the fun and style..I would like to relive the 90s at my age now.

4: If you could live in any home on television, what would it be?
Damn..That's a hard one. I don't know..Wait! Yes I do! Carly's apartment in ICarly. Pretty badassss

5: What's the best halloween costume you've ever worn?
My sugarskull/PirateWench costume. However my Morrigan costume this year should be awesome too~

6: What's your least favorite word?
'Pew' I think it sounds just as smelly as some words its used to describe D:

7: If you had to be named after one of the 50 states of America, what state would you be named after?
Alaska, I think would suit me very well.

8: What food do you wish you could eat and not gain a pound?
um fast food? OBV

9: Where do you go for advice?
My own head, or the personalities and activities of my OCs to be completely honest. I don't really trust anyone enough to take their advice.

10: Tell us your cheesiest knock knock joke
"Knock Knock" "Whose there?" "Peek atch" "Peek atch who?" "LOL PIKACHU"

11: If you could punch any famous person in the face, who would it be?
Can we please have a list? Because there is so many. But if I had to think long and hard, honestly, I'd pick up where Chris Brown left off and finish Rhianna. I hate her. I hate her face, I hate her big dumb nose. Everything I hate her. She's the most poser-prone celebrity out there right now, aside from Natalia Kills. I mean yes, her songs can be catchy, but let's be real, she tries so fucking hard to be kinky and sexual. She should have sat down after Disturbia. That was enough for me. She's beautiful, yes. I just think she's a poser. End rant.

12: Name 5 songs which you know all the lyrics to.
(These are completely randomized, mind you. I know so many songs its hard to think :S)
Howl - Florence + the Machine
Gee - SNSD
Criminal Mind - Gowan
Chelsea Smile - Bring Me The Horizon
Zachem Ya - TATU

13: Are you superstitious? and if so, with what?
Not really, however I do believe in Karma to an extent.

14: If you could live in one movie, which one would it be?
Interview with the Vampire. A real, seduction, vampire movie. Unlike twilight. or trueblood. And everything else that just doesn't work. *puke*

15: Are you a night owl or a morning person?
A bit of both.

16: What 3 physical features are you most proud of?
Oh god, um... Flat stomach, small waist and my hair I guess?

17: In how many languages can you say "hello?"
Hello (english)
Bonjour/Allo (french)
Konnichiwa (japanese)
Ni Hao (chinese)
Hallo (German)
Annyeonghaseyo (korean)
Privet (russian)

18: Who is the last person you texted and tell us a story about them.
Well, my phone has been suspended for the past 4 days...but if I remember correctly, probably, and obviously my girlfriend. Story? Um..idk, she took me out for dinner last night at a restaurant, and it was nummy. Oh, and amazing sex was had last night.

19: what is your religion if you have one?
I was born and raised Catholic. But ah...we all see how that turned out :P

20: What is your current relationship status?
Six years; Common Law

21: What is a word/phrase that you say a lot?
"Not with that attitude" "RUDE" "Thats a thing..." "Well~" "What had happened wasss.." "Hun/beautiful/sweetheart."

22: If your life was a reality TV show, what would it be called?
I'm no good at this stuff.. Do you know how long it took my to make up a title for my story? And the best I got was 'Born This Way' and 'They Have no Reflection'. How original LOL.  All right, I got it. Another Lady Gaga reference, it would either be 'I am My Hair', or 'Going Platinum' first choice, because out of everything on me and what I own, I love my hair, it's what makes me, me. Yes I'm 'One of those' people. And 'Going Platinum' because...well..It's taken me 6 years to get to where I'm at with my hair, I was finally happy with it, feelin' super hawt..and now..I'm's a thing .__. I can see it now, this series would have a begining, a climax and maybe a depressing and somehow quirking ending.

23: What is your phone background?
Either Robert Sheehan or Lana Del of the two :P

24: In the future, what do you hope gets invented?
Medication that subsides fully.

25: What is your spirit animal?
Snow Leopard. Definitely.

26: Would you rather listen to the same song for the rest of your life, or see the same movie for the rest of your life?
Probably watch a movie. Because there are soundtracks for movies...and I would be able to watch a movie AND listen to the same few songs that were in the film :P I win.

27: Do you usually pick truth or dare?
Truth. Dare's are so foolish.

28: What would you do with a million dollars?
Pay off my master card @_@ and go to school. Move to London?

29: What's the most weird thing you've eaten?
A Fruit to Go..nasty ass texture they are.

30: If you could be one celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Kanye West. Only because I wanna know why the fuck he thinks he's so great.

And now...

...dunno why I chose 8. Maybe I'm stuck in the myspace days.
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I bet that caught all of your attention! :P And I guess it's exactly how it sounds, only not really because I'm sure now that I'm explaining it, a lot of you will feel cheated or mislead. And for that...I am truly sorry.

I will be attending a Job fair this wednesday or thursday, which are my two days off! We are finally getting a Victoria's Secret here in Halifax, in our mall, and you can imagine how badly I want to work there!! I'm pretty confident about attending the fair... I mean, I find you either see super skinny girls, or larger women working at lingerie/undergarment outlets and stores, never someone who fits somewhere in the middle. I have an awkward shape I find...and especially when it comes to finding the right type of bras and underwear, it'd be nice to help people out with the same troubles~ :3
Also...I'm obsessed with lingerie and pretty underwears! You don't understand, I have so much underwear...I have a passion for it I swear!  *swooon~*

Okay, so cheeks.  I want them pierced. Really bad. And it's odd because, I never used to find them appealing in the least. However, these past few months I've really been feelin' them. I feel I could pull them off well. And this isn't a random spur of the moment type thing. I have been putting serious thought into doing this, just because where cheek piercings are one of the most problematic to get. I imagine if, and when I do get them pierced, I will be quickly reminded of just how much I use and depend on my cheek muscles. I have to think about, how much I smoke- which is quite on the regular. Realistically, I won't be able to cold turkey myself for the whole possible year it takes for these fuckers to heal (if I'm lucky maybe 5-6 months), but I'm obviously willing to cut down. There's also the posibility of drainage. Depending on how much fluid my cheeks will secret, after having them pierced, draining will need to take place, which always sounds fun :/ idk...idk... I wish they weren't such a hastle- I dont even have them yet. I've also forgot the feeling of the whole piercing's been so long since I've had anything pierced. I mean, I had my bridge repierced for the fourth time about eight months ago...I'm sure if I can handle that I should be good for cheek piercings, rightttt? ;~; I dunno...It's a lot to think about, but I think I'm willing to put up with the hastle~ I won't be getting them done until mid september, once the whole moving back with mu thing has been established, and I've been able to get back on track financially, of course!

PEE ESS: My girlfriend and I have recently been on an ANTM binge, and oh my god, I've never seen so many whiney bitches...It's honestly ridiculous how ungrateful and ignorent some of these girls are. But ohhh Tyra, how you make me lawl

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Sort of. I just figured I owed some sort of entry with a bit of update on whats going on right now in my life. Not that...this has turned into myspace or facebook 'er anything...

Still obsessed with e4's Misfits, and majorly crushing on Robert Sheehan with my girlfriend, even though she refuses to admit it. My anxiety has been sky rocketing lately..calling in sick so much just because I'm too miserable, physically and emotionally to get out of bed and walk 15 minutes to work ._. But thaaat's another story in which I really don't want to get into. So here's another,

I'm moving back home with mum this September too. Also something new. Never thought that would happen, however that's what does happen when you're struggling, and living in an apartment that is close to $900.00! I mean, I wouldn't mind paying that if the place looked worth $900.00~ But it don't :P I'm kind of excited to move back home though. Unfortunately, it means my girlfriend and I will no longer be living together anymore, since she's moving in with her mother, but the amount of cashmoneyflow we'll be saving...It'll be nice to have money consistantly. Mum's only asking for $100.00 out of each pay, which is amazingly fair. Over all, I think it will be a good change for me, my sister needs me back home, I need the money, and I'm hoping I'll gain my source of confidence and independence back. Maybe even get back into more consistant drawing, which, I sat down for about an hour today and doodled...felt good. I miss being able to; having the motivation and actually wanting to draw, aside from thining 'man, i'm really doin' shit with the drawin', maybe i should force myself to!'. I can also get my tats finished!!!! What with the extra money I'll have =3 ! I'm also interested to see how mine and Fel's relationship changes- for the better of course! We definitely need the space, and HAVE been needing it. So yah.

Last bit of new, I s'pose, before I get on back to work- couple girlfriend's and I, last Wednesday decided to hit the town. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm in no way, a 'downtown' kind of girl. But if the offer arises and I have the next day off, and funds granted, of course~ Plus, my good friend Karen is leaving for Hamilton in a few I owed it to them~ You can only be a stick in the mud for so long :P So, long story short, being as I think I'm actually going to write a short story, play around with some non-fiction for once, regarding the night we had,  we went down to club and met up with these two cockney navy men...and oh my god, we were in stiches the whole night, and after Karen left us, it was just my friend and I, hanging out with these hilariously entertaining drunk brits. We were gonna head home at around 2am...however once we caught ear of a dubstep show at Reflections cabaret, we stayed until close, later walking half way across town back to my mate's house with these guys. To sum it up, myself and one of the guys end up stranded in a bathroom for about an hour while the other two had a right seein' to :P Felt like an episode of SKINS to be honest LOL.

So that's my shitload of upadtes I'll leave you with, hope everyone is well n' healthy~ Til next time xoxo

Something that's been really bothering me lately on DA. Fakes. People who submit and take credit for work that is obviously not theirs. But what pisses me off even more are smart fakes. People who take the time to collect pictures of people with similar body types and try to pass it off as their own photography. Just because you STEAL a picture that is not yours, and soften the fuck out of it, doesn't make it you. Not naming any names or anything, because I don't believe in calling a someone out unless I have absolute proof. But I just think it's pretty sad that some people have nothing better to do than to make a name for yourself by being a fake cunt :) Especially when they try so hard.

Gah, end rant, babies.

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Sunny days, folks! That's what Halifax has been full of recently, and I couldn't be any more :p I haven't exactly been busy, like usual, mostly just in a rut, feeling super blahhh, work had me on a bunch of night shifts, which I can not standd D8< However I have designed a couple new characters which, when and if I get a hold of access to a scanner again I will post up! I've already posted a short introduction to two of them, whichhh you should check out!

I've been listening to a some new music in which I've stumbled upon. You should definitely check those artists out as well! First being Lana Del Rey. I don't think I've ever listened to an artist which has been able to move me so so musically and all at the same time sensually before, she's completely gorgeous too! Which is always a plus XD I've also just downloaded the soundtrack to Misfits- fantastic album! Inclusing some awesome bands.artists like Justice, UNKLE, and Klaxons, which I've recently fallen in love with! And for those of you who are a little uninformed about's an absolute MUST WATCH! Even if super heroes aren't your 'thing', because they certainly weren't, and aren't mine. However, the characters, especially Nathan, and Kelly are just so easy to fall in love with! I've definitely been obsessing over Robert Sheehan, (Nathan) for the past little while...he's just so hilarious, my godddd ~ He's an amazing actor and you should so give his work a watch!

Luckily I've had the past two days off, and tomorrow as well so!- Hopefully I'll be able to get another story up before the end of tomorrow... Here's hopin'!
ALSO, random as hell, and don't hate because we all know we've had one at some point...IMVU. Do you have one? If so definitely drop me and add LOL My username is, of course- LuvSyc

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Hello my lovies! Seems like a while since I've written a journal entry. I feel like I've been busy the past two weeks...guess I was? :P  What with my birthday being on Teusday ...visiting family! Also! If you've cared to notice I have a couple new stories up! Yayyyy for submissions! <3 I always feel somewhat more productive when I submit things :B

So my birthday party is tonight...and I just have one thing to say. FUCK YOU FACEBOOK. Honestly...okay so here's what happened. My birthday events been active since like..last month. and I CLEARLY set it for start time: Friday @ 9pm, end time: Saturday @ 1am. I know for an obvious fact I put that scheduled time... e__e And to my very dismay, this morning, when I log onto to send my guests a reminder message that the party is indeed TONIGHT D8< I look at the time and it's thi "party starts @ 1am saturday, ands @ 4am saturday" Th'fk is that shit!? How the hell did that happen? So of course, everyone think I have some retarded mid night/early event! Then when I change it back to the CORRECT time for tonight, I get all of these "Whuuu! whuttaya mean its tonight! I tok tomorrow offf blah blah fuckin blah' ....Im so pissed..because I've wasted ALL this time planning for something that's probably just going to not happen, or be very embarrassing... So facebook, thank you, you unreliable, glitchy cunt :)

Anyway...thats my rant, TGIF folks! Hope y'all have a great weekend! xoxoxo!!

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You were never this sour, never this hateful. I remember a time, long ago, when the smile spread across your thin lips, that always carried that lush stain of Russian red, did not spoil and wither itself into that malicious, double-crossing smirk that now seems to sit so perminantly against your mouth. The way your neck occasionally dips to the side, as if being irritated constantly, and just by simple things, like small questions and words.

Moscow was colder back then I understand, leaving you with not much of an oportunity to prove yourself, however you always were stubborn, and willing to prove those who stood against you, wrong. Especially your brothers. You were the runt of the litter, so to speak, but your mother's encouragement always managed to keep you at sail; striving to be nothing but successful. Striving to have a place in Mother Russia that mattered.


So I can't seem to get past what I've already written...x__x Yarrrghhhlee~! I know where I want to go with it...but am just experience a huge fit of writer's block...that and..well, it's a little busy at work tonight and I find it extremely difficult to keep one strong thought for a story between taking customer's calls :( ... I just thought I'd post this sneak peak. It's a bout a character I haven't exactly done much with submission wise, but her name is Natalia.
Hope your night's are all going well :3

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Hey guys! Late night for mee @__@ I'm writing to you from work..and I am SO TIREDDD..
Anywhoozles...reason as to why I'm writing this is because I am pleased to inform you that I have written two new short stories and should have them typed up soon!!!
........... yaayy...submissionssss <3

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Well as you can probably already guess by the lack of new photos in my gallery...the shoot didn't happen for me.  A little thing called work got in the way- As usual...but unlike other times where work is usually the damper in my fun, I'm not exactly complaining this time, being as this job is probably 1000x better than my last. Oh yea...did I mention, I finally quit the horrid world of SUBWAY! No more being treated like I'm an idiot! Muaha~
I now work at a call center, BUT! It's not just any old crappy call center, where every ghetto lump that works there is wearing pajama bottoms and a hoodie while they slack off and text on their phones all day kind of call center ...Oh no~ It's actually pretty fancy, ANDDD business casual,  considering all the people that call us are customers, that ALL live within New York, the Hamptons, and parts of New Jersey. It's pretty much for an online grocery store.'s just a breath of fresh air, now that I've been there a week and actually can do a call without feeling like I'm going to spew of anxiety LOL...I had never worked at a call center type deal, like It was definitely scary at first. But yea, over all it's great...I'm on all nights shifts though this week...not too happy 'bout that, being as I need to walk through the sketchy ghetto :/

I don't really know the point of this journal entry...xD Much like all the other ones....Useless drabble. Oh! I actually had a chance to get some writing done at work last night, so thats cool..I guess?  Ughhh...I need to get back at seriously, but I just find my ideas, and the story in my head has just progressed and gotten too far away from what I have submitted to my gallery. And so when I submit things, and you guys read it, you're sitting there scratching your head saying "Uhwuuttt?  Whut's going aooownnn?? D8 I no not undershtanddd!!" Which is like, totally fine, because a lot of the stories written on here are from different time-frames dealing with the series.

I warn y'all...submissions will definitely be scarce until I have this new job thing on lock and know it inside/out. I'm just one of those people, who when starting something new I tend to block out a lot of my distractions, y'know?Anyway...I should go, my kitty keeps bugging me to pay attention to in other words, she's probably hungry .__. damn felinezzzzz!
Take care to all of you pretties!! xoxoxo
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It is my pleasure, to inform you all that I will be having a photo shoot on Sunday, March11th!! Again, with the ever so  beautiful, and talented,  Erin Nicole! The series is called 'Dancing by Window Light', I believe, and it will focus primarily on hair and wear conrast.
Shots will take place infront of natural, window light :) So it should be fun!
Anyway...thats all for now..! Just a quick update!
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Well I'm glad that's over with.... My girlfriend and I seem to be doing fine now...She's agreed to get some help, and I believe it is for the best that I do support her with counseling, I mean...I don't believe it fair to just leave some one and be all "Oh heyyy Call me when you think you're fixed !kthxbai" I want to be there to support her, because well...I love her more than anything.

I no longer live in an apartment of four anymore, so that's a little something of new topic. My two roommates, and friends, Nick and Simon moved out just a couple days ago. So now its just Fel and I :) Which isnt so bad :P Considering all the noise last night xD Ahem....anyway!! I've also been learning Russian for the past couple weeks, and its a very neat language to learn, very simple to pick up on. Work is also keeping me busy...but I'm also trying to find a new job, but that's always a difficult thing in Halifax ._.; I almost thought I had some luck at our local, and very own 'Night Magic Fashions' A sex store downtown. I've ALWAYS wanted to work at a sex shop. I just think It would be such an awesome, and surprisingly not awkward job. The woman there said she thought I'd look perfect as an asset to the shop, as a staff member. However, since I am only 20 years old, she said I lacked experience. Which, I wasn't offended by at all, because apparently they had just fired all of their young staff due to improper information being distributed about certain toys and products. Mann, that's something you can't really bullshit about -_-

Anyway, as I say in EVERY SINGLE journal entry, I will TRY to have something up within the next couple days. Or even today. I've had the past few days off and feel quite rested and ready for action today :P--oh shit- wait. I completely forgot, my roommate previously owned the scanner I was using to scan my doodles and, you may just be receiving writing from me :( I sao sully gaize... D:   \

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not that i'm in any way, shape or form, popular enough here on DA, for it to even matter, but I just thought I'd let you guys know. My girlfriend and I are now officially separated, so I don't know when things will be okay for me.. And for those of you that I have on facebook, no I didn't delete you. I deactivated my account for a little while. I just don't want to deal with anything right now, especially a stupid wall full drama revolving around a status change...If any of you would still like to keep in contact with me You can either add me to yahoo, or if you're like me and have a blackberry, I'll add my pin for you.

Yahoo: xWhiskeymouthBlondeSouth
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Woah! It appears its been forever since I last updated my journal. For reasons though. I'm at my new store, as manager. And to be frank, I don't like it really...I wasn't ready, as much as eveyone thought I was. And being deep in the heart of downtown, working with people I don't even really know, serving unfriendly, crazy customers---I just wanna go homeeee D: To my old store.
That may happen GM told me someone else wanted to take the position of my store, so I could go and manage my old subway~ Yayyy let's hope!

I haven't done much within my low time.
My girlfriend and I were on very thin ice, and the conclusion we drew finally was that if we want to save our relationship any, it would be best if we did not live with one another. It was a very difficult decision, but we made it for the best. So! I'll be making a big move for hopefully the first of February...and instead of paying nearly 900$ in rent, it'll be knocked down to 610$, and split between three people soooo, life it more than likely be A LOT easier!! ALSO, my lovely best friend  lives in the same building, and we have MUCH time to catch up on :) So I'm also looking forward to that!

I actually can't believe it. And for once ever sort of dread the adult sense I never thought I'd understand. I am soooo BROKEEEEE Anyway! I need to and all that. God I hate catching the bus at many sketchbags.... ;~; I should not be up this early! Four forty-five is WAY TOO EARLY ;-;


PS: Hopefully I can have some new material soon :3
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The past week's been pretty chill. As the title states :P The Hallowe'en/anniversary party was a success! Couple people passed out, went home, and I stomached a bad mushroom trip for a bit, but aside from those minor scabs, it was a blast. I saw a few very old faces, which is always nice. And also said goodbye to a very close friend who the next day was moving to Toronto. So that was also emotional for me. Met a couple new friends in the mix, and my costume was pretty bawllin'. I'll have some pics of that up soon, maybe. I was a sugar skull :)

How was everyone's Halloween for that matter?! Good? What didya dress up as? :3 I wanna seeeeee XD No, on the real tho. I hope you had a kick ass Halloween and got lots candies <3 My roommate and friend took my sister's and his little demon brother out. Mum said that my costume should be 'North end' appropriate. I'm from the 'North end' as they call it. And it's a community where pretty much everyone knows everyone and their busy body business :/ I went as a dead Russian Prostitute to say the least... so, yea that went well. "Sissy! What are you?" "A vampire." "Yabut vampire's don't -" "A vampire e_e"

I've been pretty busy. Now, is it JUST me, or does if seem like EVERY body's birthday is in november? Let's see....My girlfriend's was the 2nd, my Dad's was yesterday, my friend's is today, all y'all on here who have it coming, Kia, my aunt, cousin,grampie...THE WORLD? Chrissakes x__x But anywhoozle, If you'll notice, I've updated my gallery with a bunch of crappy sketches to keep everyone happy until I can actually sit down and write something of worth.

Now I want to move on to music...what you SHOULD be listening to:… Because it's my new jam/ theme song.… - Because it's the ONLY thing Victoria Secret's ever done good for me. (It's the song they use for their new commercial)… - Because it's beautiful. Just asdfghjkl… Because every woman whose been with their special someone for long enough and still gets the butterflies can relate to it <3… - Because sometimes, you just gotta fuck dem pedos up (seriously, watch)… - Because she died this way.… - Because you know as well as I do that you've got a weak spot for Degrassi


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